The Art of Balance

-Registered Massage Therapy-

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The Art of Balance is not about achieving a destination, it is about embarking on a journey. This is a constant recalibrating of your external self and internal self. Regardless if you feel balanced and grounded or not, you continue to focus on this. 

The Art of Balance is not about being in balance, it is about dancing towards it. 


It is a sense of play, curiosity, grounding, expanding and connecting.


The Art of Balance is about HEALTH- because if we do not have our health as a priority, a pillar of foundation, everything else in our lives cracks and crumbles around us.

When you decide to lead a life towards wellness, your perspective on everything changes; you listen, you have passion, and life supports you in every way. 

The road to wellness is not a straight one, it is winding and intuitive. It leads you to exactly where you need to go. If it has led you to me, I am honoured to share my skills and knowledge to support you along your journey. 

At the Art of Balance- I offer the science-proven techniques, as well as intuitive and a completely personalized art of massage therapy to encourage balancing in your health and your life. I am here to help you THRIVE, as the best version of yourself. I can help you get in touch with your body and listen to what it is saying to you. 

Commit to your health and wellness NOW!




RMT fees in BC are covered in part or full  by
 Medical Services Plan, RCMP, ICBC, WCB, DVA
 and Extended Health Care Plans

*BC RMT receipts also are claimable
     'Medical Expenses' on Annual Income Taxes.
*all prices include tax